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Thu Mar 2 13:35:06 EST 2000

On Thu, 02 Mar 2000 14:35:45 +0100, Britta Koch wrote:

>Checking out's new features (personalized book recommendations based on your orders),
>I find that apart from the clan novels, I have also ordered the complete Alanna series from there. And 
>Tamora Pierce appears to have written tons of new books. Does anyone know these? Are they as good as Alanna?
>Alanna really influenced me - I really loved those "girl dresses as a boy and kicks butt in a man's world" when 
>I was younger (OK, I still do ;) I might not be here without them...And, on rereading, I find that I can really identify with
>Alanna in the first book...

My experience was that the books went downhill from the first Alanna book,
which is to say that whatever appealed to me about the first book started
disappearing gradually from the series.  So I liked the Alanna books, but
the first volume of the next series (_Wild Magic_) was just awful.  It's set
in the same world, and many of the characters from the first four books are
there, but the main character is different and I didn't like her much.  I
haven't read any of the REALLY new ones, so I'm not even sure if they're in
the same world.  If they aren't, I might like them better.

I also should mention that one of the things that bugs me in a long series
is when the author changes the rules to accommodate more books.  Like, "I
know I *said* it wasn't possible for shapechangers to change into more than
one creature, but that was before we met Character A who breaks all the
rules."  Or the disaster that is modern Pern.  And that's really how it
felt--that this "new" magic was something Pierce invented to write more
books, not that it was integral to her world.  That's probably the main
thing that put me off.

My suggestion, though, would be to read _Wild Magic_ at least and see what
you think.  Most of the new series are set in Alanna's world: first, of
course, is the Alanna series of four books, followed by the Immortals
series, both of which are complete.  The newest series, Protector of the
Small, returns to the Alanna theme with another girl entering knight
training as a page, only this time they know she's a girl.  The first book
is _First Test_.

The Circle of Magic series is unrelated to the others; it's about four
children in a school of magic.  It's followed by a second series of which
the first book is The Circle Opens, which is her most recent book (March
2000).  I haven't read any of these.  I was sufficiently turned off by _Wild
Magic_ that I'm satisfied with the first quartet.  (Pierce's writing style
irritates me more now than it used to, also.  I'm horribly picky sometimes.)

Melissa Proffitt
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