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Melissa Proffitt wrote:
> I think the Guardsmen books are my favorites--but I keep changing my mind.
> Been re-reading those in between DWJ books, and _Carpe Jugulum_ is so good!
> Still, _Reaper Man_ has to be one of the overall best Discworld books.  I
> saw an advance notice for _The Truth_ at Amazon.uk--can you believe he's
> written 25 Discworld novels?  It's coming out in November.

Yeah! More Discworld! And "The Thief of Time" is expected soon after. An actual sequel to "The Truth". Also word of him writting some Discworldish fairy-tales, like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, although I don't know if their coming out overseas or not. Have to remember to steal, um, I mean borrow the Wyrd Sisters video from my friend's uncle . . . 
> On the other hand--speaking of waiting for books to come out--Lois McMaster
> Bujold's next project is a fantasy of some kind, which she sold (let me see
> if I remember) in some kind of bidding war between publishers.  I thought it
> sounded interesting.

Yup. No details on plot but she's told the LMB list that the first book, "The Curse of Chalion" has been sold and is in the works, plus a sequel. Then she has some semi-not-quite plans for her next Vorkosigan book. Prepping has so far invovled watching Mexican Soap Operas . . .

Congratulations on all the new arrivals. Happy family atmosphere, eh.

On the subject of mothers, Mara from Dark Lord rather gave me the creeps, simply because of the way she treated poor Derk throughout almost the entire book, even if it wasn't her fault. Of visible mothers, the worse is probably Marceny of Listania (anyone who eats . . . ugh! Bad!) and nasty, selfish Janine from "Deep Secrets". I haven't read as many as everyone else here seems to have, though, so that's just my tiny little opinion. Strange, though, that all the really nasty mothers are in her "adult" books, eh? Marceny, Janine, and the unseen mother of Amanda and Zillah. I wonder if this says something . . .
Most realistic mother is probably the one from "Archer's Goon", whose name I can't remember. Dang! Need a copy of that book to figure it out, but everyone knows who she is. The music teacher and whatnot.

Ingrid Bltyhe
"Fish is good. You know where you stand with fish." - Falcon Startredder

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