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Phillip wrote

Astrid is a character worthy of closer examination, I
> think.  (Whatever did she see in Ronald Price?  Or he in her?  They are a very
> ill-suited couple, I think)


Ill suited but I suspect they were each getting what they deserved. I 
like Astrid but I've always thought she married Ronald for "his" 
money while he wanted an ornamental wife. I think he would have 
taken care to appear nicer and  certainly more generous while they 
were courting and she took the easy option of marriage and 
security with a few romantic illusions. Its obvious  thing by the time 
of 8 days things had gone very sour but David does remember 
Astrid being quite jolly in the early days. On rereading, l wondered 
if the Prices were already under strain before the appearence of 
Luke, Mr Fry was there asking questions and I think there's a hint 
the money was running out -- they seem to have been getting 
meaner. Astrid is in some ways a rather typical 70's heroine, 
realising she doesn't need a man as a meal ticket and going it 
alone. I said above she had been getting what she deserved, her 
redemption comes when she chooses to stay with David as the 
others leave him to face Mr Wedding, the Frys etc. This puts her in 
line for a share of  both the rewards and sorrows that come from 
mixing with Gods. As she says to David 
"Wouldn't you say it was worth it , to be really happy for a while, 
even if you knew you were going to end up sad ever after?"  
Making a choice pretty much the opposite of the one she made 
when she chose Ronald. 

Philip also said
> I'm not sure I let Janine get the prize for worst mother quite that easily,
> though.  Marceny Listanian beats her by quite a way, in my opinion.  And we
> could also include the one we don't meet, also in SWM, who has Amanda and Zillah
> quaking with fear every time the phone rings.  (Any significance to their names
> beginning with A and Z?  Children from the start and end of her fertile life?)

He's quite right of course. I haven't read SWM for a while. My other 
excuse is that I was thinking of the mothers in fairly ordinary 
domestic settings, and there I think Janine still wins the prize. By 
the way I'm reminded that Sally in the Ogre Downstairs is positively 

Other stuff, error in my last post, re baby announcement, the 
Changer's daughter is a coyote not a jackal. Also I'm going to write 
some more about state evolution, money and stuff just as soon as I 
can unstick the drawer my anthropology notes are in. 

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