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Fri Jun 30 19:32:29 EDT 2000

On Thu, 29 Jun 2000 01:40:44 +0100, Ven wrote:

>I don't think there is anyone else like DWJ but here's some authors 
>I recomend, apologies if you already know them:
>Jane Lindskold. I particularly like her Athanor series (two so far, 
>Changer and Legends Walking). 

I will have to give these a try.  Come to think of it, I have a book on hold
at the library right now...maybe I'll get lucky with these.
>Holly Lisle, some time collaborator with Mercedes Lackey. 

I liked _Minerva Wakes_ quite a bit, though I haven't read much else by her.
I think we actually have _Fire in the Mist_ somewhere.

Good choices all.  I've only read one Tim Powers I didn't like, and I think
it was the combination of vampires and mid-19th-century England that put me
off.  Anyone else have a period of time, or a geographical location, they
really dislike?  (Is that too strange a question?)  At least I think it's
that time period (1830-1870 roughly).  Cause I like _Tess_ just fine, and
_Jane Eyre_...maybe it's modern stories set in that time period rather than
contemporary works.

Babbling again.  Sorry.

Melissa Proffitt
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