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Thu Jun 29 11:54:00 EDT 2000

>First off, congrats to Melissa, Jacob, and Cordelia, and Jennifer and

Yes, well done all!

>DWJ says that the last story, "Nad and dan and Quaffy," I think was the
>title, is a send-up of a well-known sci fi author.  Not being incredibly
>well-read in sci fi (but getting better thanks to your recommendations),
>I have a guess as to who this is but I'm not sure. I'll leave spoiler
>space just in case.
>s p o i l e r
>Is it Ursula LeGuin, or am I way off track here?  I always meant to read
>some LeGuin, because a contemporary author from Spain whom I like very
>mcuh cites LeGuin as one of her influences, but I have to confess that
>I've never read anything by her.  

I thought it was C.J.Cherryh, not sure why, I think she's more tech-oriented
than LeGuin though. Try Always Coming Home by LeGuin, one of my Top 5 Books.
Who's the Spanish author?

>In other book notes, I just read my first two Terry Pratchett books.
>"Equal Rites" was good, but "Carpe Jugulum" was fantastic.  I'm
>definitely adding Pratchett to my Must Read list. Now I'm tracking down
>"Sorcery and cecelia," (but the used bookstores want more for it than a
>poor grad student can afford), and 'Picnic at Hanging Rock," which an
>Australian friend just recommended to me. 

Ahha, another innocent sucked in to the Pratchett trap- you'll never get out
alive, you know. "Reaper Man" might be a good next step, Death is my second
fave character after Granny Weatherwax. (Or Lords and Ladies, or Witches
Abroad, or Maskerade, which are all "witch" ones). (Or one of the City Watch
ones like Guards! Guards! or Jingo. Or... oh, well, just the whole lot.)

>When I was in Germany last month I bought a copy of "Fire and Hemlock" in
>German, which I justified on the basis that owning the book would spur me
<to improve my German.  

Wow. Hope it works.

>But since I am
>supposed to be reading texts for my comps in Spanish, which are looming
>ahead of me, I haven't picked it up yet.  Too many languages at once
>confuse me! So many books, so little time...and "The Grand Sophy" is on
>its way from the library now. I'll never finish that blasted Reading

I made a New Years resolution to give up reading lists. It hasn't really
worked, they're just mental now. (Must try Brust.)
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