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Congratulations to Melissa and Jacob on the birth of Cordelia 
Elinor. On Fri 25 jun Melissa wrote  

> Why can't there be more authors like DWJ?  I feel right now as though I only
> want to read books like hers, and there just aren't enough of them. <whine
> whine>  I keep prowling my shelves imagining that at some point more books
> will magically appear.  EVERY author whose books I love isn't producing
> anything new until November.  And Steven Brust is probably in a coma
> somewhere laughing at everyone waiting for _The Viscount of Adrilankha_.

I don't think there is anyone else like DWJ but here's some authors 
I recomend, apologies if you already know them:

Jane Lindskold. I particularly like her Athanor series (two so far, 
Changer and Legends Walking). They're an interesting take on the 
immortals among us theme, from the POV of the immortals. Some 
of these immortals aren't human, some have been around so long 
their age is geological and if they've been one famous/legendary 
person they will have been several. The books deal mainly with the 
problems of living in the modern world.  A major character is the 
Changer, a very old shapeshifting Athanor. Early in the first book 
someone is demanding to know why on earth the Changer and his 
daughter have been kept waiting outside only to discover the 
daughter is a jackal and not housetrained.......  

She's also published some posthumous collaberations with Roger 
Zelazny (her late husband). I thoroughly enjoyed the second of 
these, Lord Demon I think, the book is lent out.

Holly Lisle, some time collaborator with Mercedes Lackey. 
Agreeably at a tangent to most off the peg fantasy, though her 
latest stuff has been more conventional. I like her trilogy, A Fire 
upon the Mist, the Bones of the Past and um the other one.

Margaret Mahy, a New Zealand children's writer. Her YA stuff is 
good if rather unsettling. She likes to deal with large families that 
have secrets. Not all are fantasy but even when they're not they're 

I also recomend Anne Perry (Victorian murder mysteries), Steven 
Brust's fellow scribblies, Will Shetterly and Emma Bull, and Tim 

>  think this is an excellent assessment.  I keep thinking of all the 
> mothers in DWJ, and of how even the good mothers like Catriona 
> Archer's Goon) are kind of distant.  And now I think I'll re-read 
> Days of Luke_ because I'm working up a theory on the whole 
mother thing and
> I want to look at how David's 'cousin' Astrid fits into this, since 
she ends
> up in the mothering role.  Plus I haven't read it for a while.

I just reread Deep Secret, Does Janine win the prize for worst 
mother? That bit where Nick compares her to a boil he once had, 
Oh Dear! I've now started 8 days again and I realise I always 
thought of Astrid as one of the kids. Its only in 8 days that she 
really starts to grow up and take control of her life and David's.  

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