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On Tue, 27 Jun 2000 13:04:53 +1000, PREISIG Kylie wrote:

>> >
>> >I wouldn't be surprised if there was an influence from Bujold?
>> Bujold who?  I'm sure I've never heard the name before.  
>> Positive.  And does
>> it scare you that if it had been a boy his name would have likely been
>> Miles?
>Absolutely terrifies me :)

Considering that our children tend to take on characteristics of their
namesakes, well...I don't know if I would have had the nerve.

Both Cordelias are in there, though I'd forgotten about _King Lear_ when we
first chose the name.  And Elinor, of course--I did read _Sense and
Sensibility_ again recently.  (The screenplay from the movie is incredible,
by the way.  Emma Thompson kept a diary during the filming and the two were
published together, with photos.  What a great book.)

What was interesting was the meanings--"Cordelia" of course being derived
from "heart" and "Elinor" most likely meaning "compassion."  We chose those
names separately and look how that turned out.

Melissa (yawn) Proffitt
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