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I found this when I was doing my daily search for 
any mention of DWJ.



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Subject: Re: DWJ (was: Re: Birthday Honours list)
From: anon2765 at firedrake.org
Date: 2000/06/24
Newsgroups: alt.books.tom-holt
In message <iCh4LUAR2HV5IwZi at severnvu.demon.co.uk> Matthew Francis wrote:

>Why should the number of copies matter? A lot of awfully bad books sell
>a lot of copies. Also, the award is for services to literature
>(i.e.pioneering work in new genres like Pterry, DNA and Tom), but what
>J. K. Rowling is doing now was actually done over thirty years ago by
>Diana Wynne Jones, who has sold more than thirty million books, but has
>still received no award.

Message from DWJ, much cheered by this perception and erudition:

"Have I really?  Coo!  I can't tell 'cos they go in and out of print so
where did he get his figures from please?"

(She reads abth some of the time but her Bannus has a mind of its own, so I
am posting on her behalf.)

For myself, I should like to add that some of her sales are in Japanese and
Hebrew and things, and are _backwards_ or sometimes upside-down; does this
mean that it's like reversing in a car lowers the mileage, those sales
reduce the total sales, or do they count forwards?



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