Hallie Explains it All

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Jun 23 14:54:26 EDT 2000

It's occurred to me that newcomers to the list may be more than a little
puzzled by references to the fact that Melissa is always right.  (Yes, yes,
it _is_ a fact.  I'm getting to that!)  Textbooks could be written on the
evolution of this branch of academic knowledge, but I'll try to summarize
for you.

Some time ago, Melissa said in a post that she was Always Right*.  Of
course, this was already Fact (as she had said it), but list members did
not yet realize it.  Each and every one of us went back and examined all
statements made by Melissa up to that point, to test the validity of this
(as we then thought) assertion.  Obviously, it was discovered that _all_
the known facts were consistent with this hypothesis (as it was until this
point).  Having scientifically tested and proved the hypothesis, it was
accepted as a Law of Nature.

Of course, any skeptics among you may argue that you have no reason to
accept my version of the facts.  You are, as always, free to duplicate the
experimental protocol yourselves.  Never let it be said that we on the list
try to stifle intellectual inquiry.  However, I feel obliged to warn you
that the future of the known universe(s) as we know it (them) may be
threatened by such action*.

Hallie (hoping she's cleared all that up for once and all)

* References, as always, supplied on request.

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