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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at
Thu Jun 22 23:57:20 EDT 2000

I can't decide between being chagrined or irritated.  Apparently the list
problems back at the beginning of May ended up bouncing everything that went
out to my address and Jacob's.  And it just never got fixed.  (It's probably
related to our mail server, which also had severe problems and at one point
was sending me mail addressed to almost anyone whose last name begins with P
except myself.)  So we waited patiently, assuming nothing had happened--in
fact I checked the archives every day for a while to see if we *had* been
booted--but I guess I stopped too soon.  I'm going to settle for "chagrined"
(although I would personally like to ask Jill Wadsworth what exactly she was
thinking and if she really did believe that living in a different state was
going to protect her from my wrath, which it won't, just as soon as I get
out of this chair...).  Because I figure it was my fault that I didn't do
anything about it for nearly two months, and my punishment was reading the
list archives and not being able to make any comments.  I'm sure those of
you who remember me will understand that it was torture.

Anyway.  Not that anyone missed me.  <sniff>  But I'm back just in time to
be gone again.  In case you're curious, the primary reason that I let things
slide this long is that I was severely pregnant at the time and feeling
extreme mental lassitude.  I am unfortunately still pregnant--my due date
was this last Tuesday.  I personally do not intend to remain pregnant any
later than this coming Monday.  Until then I am going to lie on the couch,
re-read books, and gripe about the various personal ailments that I won't
disgust you by describing.  With occasional trips to the computer...since
I've already been deprived of your wonderful companionship for too long.

Yes, I think chagrin is the appropriate response here.

Melissa Proffitt
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