Cricket (was RE: New article etc (rugby))

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Cricket (was RE: New article etc (rugby))
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  > Give me cricket any day. Although I suppose being silly mid-off is nearly 
  > dangerous, really. But it's a lot nicer to watch. 

  Gill replied: 
  And you can at least sit in the shade with a glass of Pimms and a good book.. 

  Cricket - how does that work - what's with the puffy leg greaves?  How many people on a team?  It all seems so mysterious.Cricket isn't so much a sport as a state of mind. The "puffy leg greaves" are pads, designed to reduce the number of broken legs when hit by a ball travelling at over 100mph. Beyond that there are vague similarities with baseball - one team fields and bowls while the other bats and tries to get runs, mostly by running between the wickets rather than around a square. It's designed to take a long time - the *short* version only takes a full day! Village cricket is great on a sunny day - you can sit and watch, read, walk around the pitch and back again, and still stay reasonably on top of the action!

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