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> On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Britta Koch wrote:
>> if there's no
>> one to feed you dwj when you're 10 or 11, I think you just don't get as
>> addicted 
> Really? I first read The Spellcoats (in a horrible Dutch translation)
> at 15 or so, and my first "real" DWJ (in English), Power of Three, in
> my late twenties, and I've never looked back.

Hmmm, my first DWJ was Charmed Life and I was (IIRC) 10 or 11, I was
instantly hooked =). I thought it was so good that I immediately reread it
after finishing it the first time. That brings to mind the discussion on
their publishing order, I prefer CL first and LoCC second.

And to continue with publishing: a friend of mine recently got a job in a
local publishing house which has published the three DWJs translated into
Finnish. He is to be the editor for children's literature, specializing in
fantasy and sf... I've strongly recommended publishing more DWJ and I also
loaned a couple of my books to him (as well as the first part of Wrede's
Enchanted Forest Chronicles). Now I'll just have towait and see what
happens. Just had to share this with you =).


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