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> Hmm... Thank you for the explanation. As German I not really firm with the
> baseball rules, but I think I grasped the general principle nonetheless.

Nor am I, but I had to play Cricket at school.  I did my best to forget it
afterwards, but never really succeeded.

Sally doesn't manage to watch cricket in Time of the Ghost, but Jamie has to
play it in Homeward Bounders - those who don't know the game should read that
passage!  Christopher also plays in Lives, a keen batsman...

> One question remains: What's a "silly mid-fielder" and why is that dangerous?

Mid-on and Mid-off are fielding positions to either side of the batsman (I
think).  (Sorry, I can't remember which is which).  Mid-off is in one of the
easiest directions to hit a cricket ball, and the fielder there is supposed to
take catches (unlike those further out who mainly have to recover the ball and
return it to the bowler or wicket keeper before too many runs are scored)

Silly Mid-off is in the normal direction (from the batsman) for mid-off, but
very close.  Against an inexperienced batsman, this gives him a better chance at
a catch, but if the batsman manages to hit the ball at all hard, it can be a
dangerous place to stand.

Hope this helps.  If anyone on the list actually plays, please correct me!


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