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Citations continued:

p. 26 on: Gwendolen is wrong about how they'll be treated at Chrestomanci
Castle. Why, it's just as though they were children! And Gwendolen is not
treated as G-d's gift any longer, either. Handy objective checks for Cat.

pp. 45-47: Cat's natural left-handedness validated by Mr. Saunders.

p. 52 on: I'm not sure how much this strikes Cat, but Roger and Julia
certainly haven't the sort of relationship he and Gwendolen have. And they
seem to like him, when they aren't viewing him as Gwendolen's Creature.

pp. 67-8: Cat overhears a conversation between Chrestomanci and Michael
Saunders which of course offers clues to Cat's nature, but also suggests a
genuine lack of respect for Gwendolen's powers and discretion. And then (p.
71) Chrestomanci says much the same thing to Gwendolen.

pp. 91-4: Cat seems put off by the gigantic insects, and saddened by the
revivified bone persons. But he's appalled by the four ghastly apparitions.
"Please send them away!" he said.

p. 97 on: Janet appears and Cat gets to know her. She values him, having
always wanted a brother. And she cares about his feelings. (I am misplacing
the bit where he "goes all small" and she's worried about it.) She is so
utterly unlike Gwendolen (though she is in a sense her counterpart): she is
as brisk and practical, but she is nice. She doesn't think much of
Gwendolen. And her ignorance of Cat's world means that he must inform her
(and dress her!), rather than her laying down the law to him. Through her,
Cat can get to trust himself gradually. And he can like her as no one, even
Cat, could truly like Gwendolen.

p. 100: Not that it's quick. "We'd better have a hunt around," [Janet] said,
"in case dear Gwendolen has been kind enough to leave a message."
"Don't call her that," Cat said desolately.

pp. 103-4: Gwendolen has left a letter for her Replacement, but not for Cat.
She merely leaves the Replacement to deliver one last command to Cat.

p. 111: Cat is justified in his impression that Janet knows a lot about a
lot of things-- in her world-- while Gwendolen knew only about witchcraft.

pp. 119-120: Janet plays conkers with Cat instead of thinking he has a low
mind for fancying the game.

pp. 120-1: "[Cat] said fulsomely to Milly, `I do think Roger and Julia are
lucky, having a mother like you, Milly.'
"Milly beamed and Janet looked enlightened. Cat felt dishonest. He *did*
think that, but he would never have dreamt of saying it but for Janet."

p. 162: "...Cat said dubiously[,] `But I don't think Mr. Nostrum was telling
quite the truth. All sorts of things could be wrong.'"

p. 163: when Janet says everything is Gwendolen's fault, "No, it isn't,"
said Cat. ... He missed Gwendolen even more than he had missed Mrs.
Sharp."-- who, he realized earlier, was not to be depended upon.

"At the sight of [Janet's] fierce face Cat missed Gwendolen more than ever.
He resented Janet. She had been ordering him about all day."

pp. 163-170: Janet brings Cat to a nearly disastrous recognition (up to a
point) that Gwendolyn was maintaining some sort of power over his lives.

pp. 196 on: Gwendolen returns, yanking Janet back to her own world, and
calmly indicates what her plans for Eric had been, how she'd been using him,
and what her degree of knowledge had been. Cat can no longer not know.

p. 197: "`I do mind, rather,' Cat said from his uncomfortable slab. `I *am*
here, you know.'
"Gwendolen looked down at him as if she was rather surprised that he was."

p. 205-6: "`Are you joining in the magic?' the dragon asked Cat. soon
as the dragon spoke, he understood. He *was* joining in the magic. Only he
was joining in on the wrong side, because Gwendolen was using him again. He
was so used to her doing it that he barely noticed....
"For the first time in his life, Cat was angry about it... And he took his
magic back. It was like a cool draft in his face.
..."`Oh, shut up!' Cat shouted back [at Gwendolen]. `It's mine!'"

Mary Ann

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