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Tony Fox tonyfox at
Tue Jun 20 16:26:32 EDT 2000

> science is a process. _New Scientist_ erred in giving a platform to the
> creationists because the creationists deride and abjure the process. They
> are absolutists, plain and fixed and they manipulate selected oddments of
> data ("cherry picking" is the term). While the periodic table may be
> massively useful in grouping elements according to their properties and
> nuclear size, and the same with many of the "facts" used as a basis for
> science, they are only the best models we have at this time. Were you of
> a mind, you could pick out and selectively exploit inconsistencies,
> how the transuranics are the devil's elements because they don't fit into
> the divinely ordered pattern (some scientist made it up? nah, god's
> *and* they're terribly bad for people &c &c.

I am genuinely puzzled about the above comment and I would like some light
thrown on it, please. If the creationists are so patently wrong why aren't
you feeling sorry for them rather than protesting about them being given the
right to make fools of themselves?

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