Forgotten childhood books

Britta Koch bkoch at
Tue Jun 20 13:19:46 EDT 2000


I only joined this list[1] because I loved Fire and Hemlock (although I
only read it once), and stayed because of the friendly atmosphere. I
later found out that "Power of Three" is also by dwj, a book I'd read
much oftener. And now I find yet another dwj book I got from our
library and had nearly forgotten about - it must be "Charmed Lives"[2]!
Maybe I have read all of dwj and simply forgotten them, and y'all can
help me remember them!

Of course I feel terrible about having forgotten so much about those
books... but I've read so much in those 13, 14 years, and if there's no
one to feed you dwj when you're 10 or 11, I think you just don't get as
addicted (I'm happy our library had as much dwj!) I also remember
reading "The Magician's Nephew" at that age and thinking it quite
stupid (not a good first Narnia book), because of the guy they call
Brandy and the talking animals... and when I discovered C. S. Lewis
when I was 18, I loved them all!

Britta, not a good morning person but better than Nick in "Deep

[1]: I hope you will forgive me for that...

[2]: In this discussion about reading order of CL and LoCC, the 9 lives
ticked me off, and when someone mentioned Gwendolyn, I just knew it!

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