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I must be the exception, I read CL first but prefer LoCC. (Although I read
LoCC several years later so CL was sort of faded in my memory). I prefer
Christopher to Cat, but that isn't all of it. I don't think you do know that
much of the plot already- I mean, you know he's going to survive and become
Chrestomanci, but protagonists usually do survive. And, I don't know, I like
the Wraith and the garden boy's traps better than Gwendolyn (although the
flying mirror and the lump of dough are great).
 I agree, maybe it's because CL was written earlier but it does seem thinner
to me- perhaps she didn't have the world as completely realised as after
she'd written some other Chrestomanci books? Not that there's anything wrong
with CL, good book, but... Maybe it's just to do with the feeling I got from
each book, which is idiosyncratic. 
I seem to remember reading an interview with DWJ where she said that the
first thing she does when she starts writing is decide on the tone of the
book, what it's going to feel like. Maybe that's part of why her books are
so satisfying- they feel consistent, and it's because she thought about tone
as well as plot, characters, style, setting...

Who found Dogsbody in a secondhand bookshop for a pound on Sunday and is
therefore on top of the world. When my new copy finally comes from Amazon I
can give this one to my cousin (11) and addict a new generation, heh-heh.

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>From: Kyra Jucovy

Very snipped

>I really, really do wonder to what extent this has to do with the order
>of reading them.  
>_I_ always have had the kind of vague
>feeling that CL was rather thinner [than LoCC]
>Thus, I already had some of the plot [of CL] down before even reading the
>I can absolutely see how this could work the exact other way if one read
>LoCC later - one would certainly feel one had some of the plot down

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