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Tue Jun 20 05:45:49 EDT 2000

> > And what the heck is scrum?  You know, from the Pluckiest Boy in
>>School? I
>>never could figure that out.  I'm American, and I always had a bit of
>> trouble with some of the school things.  And so I've always wondered
>> scrum was, and what that meant.

>A rugby scrum is a point in the game when players from both sides get
>into a
>sort of huddle and the ball is pushed into the middle, so they shove and
>push until the ball is within reach of the feet of one side or the
>Eight from each team, so it's quite a huddle; they interlock arms and
>shoulders to give maximum strength - sort of like a Roman testudo but
>with bodies!  And rugby players tend to be built like a brick outhouse,
>too, so it's not for the faint-hearted!

Yeah- there are several specific rugby injuries, like ears torn off and so
on, and one of them is a broken neck from being bent over in the scrum and
the head getting shoved downwards. My brother had to play this at school...
Isn't there a position called scrum half? The really heavy one who goes at
the back, or something.
Give me cricket any day. Although I suppose being silly mid-off is nearly as
dangerous, really. But it's a lot nicer to watch.
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