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Tue Jun 20 05:29:55 EDT 2000

You can tell just how DWJ feels about the particular brand of school 
literature that's full of ripping scrum, and the sort of people who try to 
emulate it and get overinvolved in the little world of their school, from 
Hildy's virtually incomprehensible letter in "Crown of Dalemark".

The banning of Harry Potter actually reminds me a lot of the banning of the 
Oz books earlier this century. The notorious quote about why "The Wizard of 
Oz" was banned by one librarian, is because "they encourage a cowardly 
attitude to life", whatever that means. I've also read that some christians 
opposed them because of the concept of a "good witch". To them, a witch is 
necessarily a person who signed a contract with the devil, and describing 
anyone who signed a contract with the devil as "good" will Corrupt Our 
Children. Please note though, fifty years later you can pick up a copy of 
"The Wizard of Oz" more or less anywhere, and I hope the same will be true 
for Harry Potter. By the way, I am positive that the same people who banned 
Harry Potter would be vehemently opposed to DWJ's books.
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