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> Having just gotten through English 210: Development of English Lit, a
> course (scorn and sadness), I can tell you that Marvell tends to be
> more: he's into the virginity thing, while Donne's more into the sensual
> bit--looking back at my words I wince; you won't believe it but I got an
> Minus.  In any case, if I had my druthers, I'd find more appealing
> Mower poems, Donne's Nocturnal Upon St.Lucy's Day, and Herrick's
Corrinna's Going A-Maying.

Hey, I'm talking fourteen-year-olds here! I love the Nocturnall, but I
really wouldn't ask anyone under about sixteen to try to make sense of it!
My classes tend to polarise when we do these poems - they are part of a
required study text for GCSE - the boys like Marvell, think he's a bit of a
lad, and the poem is "well cool".<g> The girls call it "that worm poem" and
recognise and appreciate  the style while hating the message. The Donne is
slightly harder work, but their general response is "why doesn't she slap

> On the order of Chrestomanci books:
>     I read Charmed Life first; I'm still quite convinced that it picked me
> out at the library, rather than the other way around.  I used to see it
> every time I went, all over the place; one day I was bored and I gave it,
> checked it out, and read it all in one sitting and haven't been the same
> since.  I loved it, and read everything the library had by her.  I think
> of the reasons that I liked LoCC so much (if I remember correctly) was
> because I didn't fully realize that it was Chrestomanci until the Dr.
> Pawson's part.  I liked the way that Christopher's talents were so not
> Cat's, and I always loved the dream thing.  (Tell us what makes you a
> clistoffer!)  The book I didn't like as much was (sigh) Witch Week.  I
> know why; I've read it so many times, but I never love it in the same way
> do CL or LoCC or even Dogsbody and a Tale of Time City, which were the
> ones I found early on.  I think it could have something to do with the way
> WW concentrates on multiple characters and not so much on Chrestomanci,
> because I always rather had a bit of a crush on Chrestomanci myself,
> especially when he was wearing his dressing gowns.  I think the other
> was that I didn't like the characters in WW as much as I did the ones in
> other books.  And I adore Throgmorten.  I did find Milly's changing a
> saddening, but she and Christopher seemed to still be genuinely fond of
> other if not in the same way; I didn't get the fear vibe.  (My love, we
> needing you, she says when he appears).

I read CL first, but loved LOCC as it made so many things just slip into
place. I still can't decide which I prefer. My daughter Frances, 12 now,
re-reads CL rather more often, though it's a rare month that she doesn't
read one or the other!

> And what the heck is scrum?  You know, from the Pluckiest Boy in School? I
never could figure that out.  I'm American, and I always had a bit of
> trouble with some of the school things.  And so I've always wondered what
> scrum was, and what that meant.

A rugby scrum is a point in the game when players from both sides get into a
sort of huddle and the ball is pushed into the middle, so they shove and
push until the ball is within reach of the feet of one side or the other.
Eight from each team, so it's quite a huddle; they interlock arms and
shoulders to give maximum strength - sort of like a Roman testudo but with
bodies!  And rugby players tend to be built like a brick outhouse, too, so
it's not for the faint-hearted!


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