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Mon Jun 19 18:35:18 EDT 2000

 Tanaqui asked:
hey, field archeologist (the list masked your originating email so the rest
of the list will have to put up with this) - what do you think of the
"excavation" of Canopus and Herakleion, off the coast of Alexandria? I was
especially enthralled when they brought up two more chunks of the Naos of
the Decans - the extrapolations of the star system on the naos fragments we
have will be checked against a new chunk of hieroglyphic data!

I've been following this story - very exciting!  I didn't realize the full
promise of underwater archaeology - I was thinking more in terms of
shipwrecks.  The strides made since I was a kid are mind boggling.  You
lucky, lucky archaeologist people  ;)

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