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Mon Jun 19 18:24:17 EDT 2000

Hallie told us about Becca's sorely trying day:
That was all for a day which started at the
school gates at 6 am, and ended there at 8 pm.

Incroyable! 6 am?!  What fiendish morning person came up with this scheme?
Whoever it is needs to be removed from authority, that's clear.

"The high point of this rather trying day, however, occurred when she was
given her prize of two books - one being "The Lives of Christopher Chant"
(hard back, no less!).  She said the only thing which kept her going on the
four hour trip home, was the thought of telling you all about it.  She was
the only one who got a DWJ book, BTW."

The price was high, but all in all it looks like a Win!  Congratulations to
Becca on her triple triumph - a great story recognized!  A test of
endurance, successfully acquitted! And a trophy that won't just gather dust!


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