Censorship & Totalitarianism

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Mon Jun 19 16:30:06 EDT 2000

In a message dated 6/19/00 8:36:33 AM, bkoch at rz.uni-osnabrueck.de writes:

> I just hope we lived in a scoiety where people wouldn't want such stuff

Well, but isn't that just the point? Nearly all censorship seems to be 
motivated by either "people can't want what they don't know about" or "it 
offends me to hear/see/have to think about that, so I won't allow anyone to 
say/show/talk about it". 

Like every other issue, the difficulty is in finding and holding to the (ever 
shifting) middle ground which allows the greatest liberty to the largest 
number while preserving the maximum amount of safety and comfort for the 
non-partcipants. The fact that the middle ground is ever shifting is what 
causes most of the friction, since you cannot just draw the line and take it 
for granted that the line will remain drawn. 
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