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> > I'm probably letting myself in for it here, but I have to admit I
> > quite like "The Flea", wherein the guy is trying to convince his
> > girlfriend to sleep with him on the basis that, logically speaking,
> > they have already.
> > Not that I approve, but it's a very appealing bit of complete and
> > utter bosh. :)
> >
> It's a good one to compare with "To His Coy Mistress" - both Donne and
> Marvell have basically the same end in sight, so to speak, but use very
> different techniques - Marvell puts the frighteners on ("But at my back I
> always hear/Time's winged chariot hurrying near...") but Donne uses moral
> blackmail - she is "cruel and sudden" when she kills the flea! Both are
> brilliant in a totally non-PC way! (And the girls in my class usually
> decide who they despise more.<G.)

Having just gotten through English 210: Development of English Lit, a survey
course (scorn and sadness), I can tell you that Marvell tends to be despised
more: he's into the virginity thing, while Donne's more into the sensual
bit--looking back at my words I wince; you won't believe it but I got an A.
Minus.  In any case, if I had my druthers, I'd find more appealing Marvell's
Mower poems, Donne's Nocturnal Upon St.Lucy's Day, and Herrick's Corrinna's
Going A-Maying.

On the order of Chrestomanci books:

    I read Charmed Life first; I'm still quite convinced that it picked me
out at the library, rather than the other way around.  I used to see it
every time I went, all over the place; one day I was bored and I gave it,
checked it out, and read it all in one sitting and haven't been the same
since.  I loved it, and read everything the library had by her.  I think one
of the reasons that I liked LoCC so much (if I remember correctly) was
because I didn't fully realize that it was Chrestomanci until the Dr.
Pawson's part.  I liked the way that Christopher's talents were so not like
Cat's, and I always loved the dream thing.  (Tell us what makes you a
clistoffer!)  The book I didn't like as much was (sigh) Witch Week.  I don't
know why; I've read it so many times, but I never love it in the same way I
do CL or LoCC or even Dogsbody and a Tale of Time City, which were the other
ones I found early on.  I think it could have something to do with the way
WW concentrates on multiple characters and not so much on Chrestomanci,
because I always rather had a bit of a crush on Chrestomanci myself,
especially when he was wearing his dressing gowns.  I think the other thing
was that I didn't like the characters in WW as much as I did the ones in
other books.  And I adore Throgmorten.  I did find Milly's changing a little
saddening, but she and Christopher seemed to still be genuinely fond of each
other if not in the same way; I didn't get the fear vibe.  (My love, we were
needing you, she says when he appears).

And what the heck is scrum?  You know, from the Pluckiest Boy in School?  I
never could figure that out.  I'm American, and I always had a bit of
trouble with some of the school things.  And so I've always wondered what
scrum was, and what that meant.


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