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Mon Jun 19 14:29:00 EDT 2000

I really, really do wonder to what extent this has to do with the order of
reading them.  After all, LoCC was the second DWJ book I ever read and the
one that got me into DWJ in the first place.  Although I'm pretty sure my
favorite Chrestomanci novel ended up as Witch Week (these things are quite
hard to pin down, of course), _I_ always have had the kind of vague
feeling that CL was rather thinner than LoCC.   This isn't really based on
anything rational, and I've always loved CL, too.  However, I've always
found it just to... go more quickly.  I'm not explaining myself very well
here.  But I honestly do think it has something to do with the fact that I
came to revelations throughout the book and, while I realized that they
were supposed to be revelations, they just weren't to me.  Thus, I already
had some of the plot down before even reading the book.  I can absolutely
see how this could work the exact other way if one read LoCC later - one
would certainly feel one had some of the plot down already.
	Tangentially, I wonder to what extent the order has to do with my
feelings about characters.  I always wonder why I don't have nearly as
much of a crush on Chrestomanci as I do on other DWJ characters who rather
remind me of him (Howl, Navis), and I think that part of the reason is
because I met him first as an arrogant little boy of just the sort that I
rather disliked in school :).  I'm pretty sure that if I had met 
Chrestomanci first in CL he might very well have been my first crush ever
(as it is, my first crush ever was Torquil, though, so it's still DWJ :).


The bizarre dialogue only adds to the effect - when little sprout children
spout lines like, "We have no souls, you know," and, "The cow isn't
anywhere.  He's in my mind," forming a cohesive narrative is a
herculean task indeed.

		---GameSpot's Legend of Mana Review, Andrew Vestal

On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Deirdre Behan wrote:

> But wasn't LoCC published way after CC, about 10 years after if I remember
> correctly? I like LoCC but like Mary Ann think that there's something
> missing. I feel that there are too many explanations of things from CC, that
> there was a certain amount of clearing up going on. CC stands together as a
> "complete book" in a way that LoCC doesn't - it's very much a sequel for me
> and not as subtle in the  development of its characters. But the one
> character in LoCC I really like is the Goddess: it makes Milly in CC much
> more interesting. She doesn't get much of a look in in CC, she's
> subliminally important rather than explicitly.  And why does she go around
> all the time seeming to be so afraid of Chrestomanci - think of the time
> when Cat and Jane try and run away?
> Deirdre

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