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So Ven =/ Venturus...
I'm probably at least as old as Ven, but not so good at owning stuff
- my dwj collection has large holes where undergraduates have borrowed
books and then thoughtlessly (I say advisedly) graduated and vanished.
+ to be a field archaeologist, these days I think I'm a kind of 
+ mendicant scholar. I love swopping info on cultural and language 
+ differences. Don't get me started on my theories of the evolution of 
+ the state (at least not on this list).

hey, field archeologist (the list masked your originating email so the
rest of the list will have to put up with this) - what do you think of
the "excavation" of Canopus and Herakleion, off the coast of Alexandria?
I was especially enthralled when they brought up two more chunks of the
Naos of the Decans - the extrapolations of the star system on the naos
fragments we have will be checked against a new chunk of hieroglyphic

In private email, the theory-of-state-evolution would be a fun discussion. 
I collect odd linguistic quirks, like "kiosk" originally being a word
(Turkish) for "summerhouse", instead of the British assimilation as a 
grubby little booth full of stale cigarettes and blooming warm chocolate
(or possibly a rancid telephone). Or the fact that you have in English
a generic "limbs", with specifics "arms" or "legs", a generic "digits",
with specifics "fingers" or "toes" but the specifics "hands" and "feet"
have no generic for this middle-size descriptor. Some languages (esp.
East European ones, for some reason), do have a generic there [some of
my data came from surgical cockups where the specific hadn't been made

yes, the surprising thing about the parallels is not the divergence,
but the covergence. This is what makes them parallels in a series, rather
than Completely Random Quantum Worlds, I suppose. That destiny has pulled
together people in a similar setup, even to identical genetic meshings.
Haploid cells must feel the tug of destiny at the mitochondrial level.

+ Incidentally I think its having your analogues die at birth that makes 
+ a nine life enchanter.

Possibly. Or destiny has prevented them all being conceived. Cat lost his
first life being born, but somehow he got credited with the other 8 lives,
so it wasn't a simultaneous die-off (probably). In the end, though, magic
=/ science. Neil Gaiman says something along the lines of "science is a 
way of describing the world: magic is speaking to it in words it cannot

Tanaqui, digressive and irrelevant but not describing food. 
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