Censorship & Totalitarianism

Britta Koch bkoch at rz.uni-osnabrueck.de
Mon Jun 19 11:21:31 EDT 2000


Well, I come from a country where certain books are banned (mostly
NS books, e.g. the swastika and Reichskriegsflagge are only allowed in
educational things - schhol books, documentaries, etc.). But still, I
think that people here would react badly to other books being banned on
grounds of content - mostly because people are afraid of what might
come after (as it did in 1933).

Personally, I believe in free speech, but there are also the rights of
other people to consider. E.g. pornography I think isn't too bad, if
kids cannot get / see / read it AND it's not made without the "actor's"
consent (like child pronography is). I do have a problem with right-wing
/ racist material being freely available, but since the internet things
that aren't allowed here can be downloaded from elsewhere (and even
before, the people who wanted the stuff could get it). I just hope we
lived in a scoiety where people wouldn't want such stuff!

Well, my mum told me that she wasn't allowed to read Erich Kaestner
books because _her_ mum didn't like him (because of his being banned in
the 3rd Reich, I think), and she let me read everything (though she
sometimes wanted to talk to me about what I read, like Gudrun
Pausewangs book about a possible nuclear war / accident in a nuclear
power station, which are heavy stuff). And I just got a real shock from
reading that Harry Potter was to be banned, because I could imagine a
lot worse books that I still would find important for kids to read AND

My 0.02 Euro,


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