Charmed Life / Lives of Christopher Chant

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But wasn't LoCC published way after CC, about 10 years after if I remember
correctly? I like LoCC but like Mary Ann think that there's something
missing. I feel that there are too many explanations of things from CC, that
there was a certain amount of clearing up going on. CC stands together as a
"complete book" in a way that LoCC doesn't - it's very much a sequel for me
and not as subtle in the  development of its characters. But the one
character in LoCC I really like is the Goddess: it makes Milly in CC much
more interesting. She doesn't get much of a look in in CC, she's
subliminally important rather than explicitly.  And why does she go around
all the time seeming to be so afraid of Chrestomanci - think of the time
when Cat and Jane try and run away?


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> I read Charmed Life first-- it was my second Jones, and the one which
> interested me in her-- and this of course affects my views.
> One of the things I like about many Jones novels is that they are
> essentially mysteries. I reread Charmed Life and Archer's Goon
> for instance, to enjoy the unfolding of the heart of the mystery
> consciously. I'm not at all sure one would lose this in Charmed Life if
> read it second, but I don't think the mystery detracts from the novel. On
> the contrary.
> On the other hand, Lives of Christopher Chant was disappointing for me,
> I don't know whether this was related to reading it second. I liked so
> of the detail. I enjoyed the naughty uncle. And I delighted in learning
> Milly/ie's origin. And yet as a whole, the novel smelt to me of lamp. This
> might be a result of reading it second, in which case it's rather a shame.
> Mary Ann
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