Ven's delurk, treacle and rereading

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Sun Jun 18 21:48:37 EDT 2000

First I must apologise for my unfamiliarity with the technology, 
which is inhibiting my ability to use the proper format for replies. 
Also my control key doesn't appear to work so i can't for example 
transfer multiple blocks of text into my reply. All of which makes it 
difficult to say on such and such so and so wrote . Anyhow I 
managed to do this with the 16 jun mail but it wouldn't let me put 
anything form 17 in. I've only just found out about the control key 
this probably accounts for a lot of the difficulties I've been having. 

Max wrote
 tsk tsk. you can't throw out challenges like that and expect to get 
away with 
> it you know!  what *are* your theories of the evolution of the 
>And on Thu, 15 Jun 2000 21:28:25 -0400 (EDT)
> Mary Ann wrote
> And how do you like the work of radical archaeologists on the evolution of
> the state?
> Liz Brumfiel was a (wonderful) colleague of mine until recently, when I quit
> my academic job. :)
I knew I shouldn't have said that, I think I meant to highlight thre 
area I 'm interested in whilst tipping people off that I do go on about 
it sometimes.And maybe I was trying to sound interesting. And 
being rather out of date it sounds like Mary Ann knows stuff about 
this subject that I don't . I'm afraid I haven't heard of Liz Brumfiel -- 
anything I could read?

Anyhow I really can't muster my thoughts at the moment, ask me 
again sometime, its bound to come up.

on  Thu, 15 Jun 2000 21:34:22 EDT Max wrote> 
> spotted dick? we used to have this at school. (a really peculiar name now I 
> look at it)

Definitely not spotted dick, though I've never been exactly sure 
what that is I think its heavier and has currants not sultanas. This 
was light and fluffy and the treacle,being put into the bowl first' 
blended with the top of the spomnge during cooking in a most 
delectable way. Incidentally as an alternative to custard on this sort 
of pudding (though not in fact the treacly ones) my Dad used to 
sprinkle them with sugar and add a knob of butter. I regard this as 
a vice. 

> have you tried them more than once? just curious. the first time I read 
> Spellcoats I couldn't get into it at all, but the second time (when the 4th 
> one came out--what's it called? Oh, Crown of Dalemark) i thought I'd better 
> read it first, and I completely loved it. maybe they'll grow on you. or sneak 
> up on you. (at least i hope so; i'm extremely partial to Hexwood!)  :)  

Tried 'em several times I'm afraid. I'm an avid rereader. I noticed 
while gioing thru the archives that hexwood is well regarded I've 
wondered if anyone would be able tro make me see it differently. I 
think I have a problem with so much of it turning out not to be real. 
And I don't like Verrian most of the time
and I never connected at all to Hume. Actually I've realised it 
annoys me most of all because it is in fact a book with an awful lot 
going for it, like Mordion and the whole voices in the head turn out 
to be a hand of Reigners. bah

RThe topic of rereading reminds me of the Chrestomanci 
discussion, to read by order of publication or chronologically. I 
think its a good idea to reread nbooks in a different order now and 
then- like doing a walk in the opposite direction to normal it opens 
up unfamilair vistas. I used to only do this with series as opposed 
to serial books now I've come to enjoy reading trilogies backwards. 
That alll started with Stan Robinson's Mars books Red, Greenb and 
Blue Mars I read #1 and 2 when they came out then reread #2 
before #3 then went back to #2 because there were things i needed 
to see again after reading #3, then I read 1 #1 then #2 then #3 
again, this time paying special attention to the maps. Getting back 
to Chrestomanci, my original order of reading was by publication. I 
was amazed at how dwj got everything she mentioned in 9 Lives 
into the prquel and I though it demonstrated very well where 
Chrestomanci gets his compassion for the led astray. 

> <g> Is it short for something like Vendela? or already complete?
Ha ha I wish! Its short for Vendersleigh. Background, my parents
called me Wendy. I've nothing against the name, except when 
applied to me (it really doesn't help that I have a brother called 
Peter). When I was 11 or 12 a schoolfriend announced she had had 
a dream in which she called me Vendersleigh and proceeded to do 
so. It was already the fashion for our group to use nicknames so 
that stuck as mine. Trimmed down to Ven, as it soon was, its a 
perfectly serviceable and much more suitable monicker so I've used 
it ever since,.
Hey Chris I'll talk about Steven Brust on the next mail . Also 
maybe Sophie and responsibility.

> Max
> - --
 Fri, 16 Jun 2000 12:35:41 +0800 (WST)

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