Muggles for Harry Potter

Tony Fox tonyfox at
Sun Jun 18 17:53:20 EDT 2000

Dear Max

I think you have raised some really interesting issues. After spending the
vast majority of my adult life where the government seemed impervious to
anything anyone else had to say I perfectly understand why you do not want
to align yourself with a political party but favour issue based action ( I
hope I have read you right on that - if not please forgive me). Being any
"colour" but blue was a high road to nothing for an awfully long time in the
UK and I do fear that democracy in this country has been seriously damaged
because people have lost confidence that they will be heard.

I think this is exacerbated by the fact that somehow we have a society which
finds it impossible to discuss religion or politics - they are fairly well
taboo. What subjects can be more important than how we run our society
(politics) and what we believe it is all about (religion)? But we can't
discuss these subjects without other people feeling under threat - there's
something awfully wrong about that.

Perhaps we need to develop new ways to discuss things that are
non-confrontational? I know when so many women got into the UK parliament at
the last election there was genuine hope that a different form of parliament
might begin to be a possibility - so far all the extra women are having a
hard time even getting a change to the ridiculous hours parliament works,
let alone anything more radical

Getting back to the original topic let's hope that those who want Harry
Potter banned will lose the war, even if they win the battle. Given the
books' huge popularity this is all a sad illustration of human falliabililty
but not really significant.


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