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Sun Jun 18 07:28:41 EDT 2000

  When I  asked her what
>she would do with that, she immediately threw back an idea,

Ah... (nodding and smiling)  I can do that too. In fact, I do it as a party
trick when I do school workshops. I have what I call "jigsaw words" which
are simply two lists of words; one of nouns another of qualifiers and
present participles. You draw one (blind) from each heap and there's an
instant idea! There are hundreds (if not thousands) of possible combinations
and I draw about 10 pairs and spin a storyline off the cuff for each one.
It impresses kids no end... but it's not especially clever, just an inbuilt
quirk. Interesting that Becca has it too.

my start in a writing comp when I was
>That's great!  And did you know then that you wanted (and were going) to be
a writer?

Not really. I just knew I was "good at" writing which had to compensate for
being poor at everything else. Handwriting - terrible. Maths - terrible.
Languages - non-existent. Art? Useless. Music? Mildly tone-deaf. Sewing?
Don't make me laugh...

Anyway, I learnt young that to get any honest praise I'd better write, so I
wrote. And I still write.  Funny thing is, I wrote in two styles... one
high-flown and flowery to impress teachers and judges (it worked) and one
which has since become my natural style. I can still do h-f and-f but I
rarely have cause - thank goodness.

Tell Becca from me to let her natural style shine through. That's the one
that will last.

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