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>  but I've always said it "bazzil," and been laughed at as a
>  result. So many people tried to tell me that only the name was pronounced
>  that way that I finally looked it up in the dictionary, and both ways are
>  correct, neener neener.


>  I started pronouncing "either" EYE-ther after watching the Megan Follows
>  "Anne of Green Gables," with the scene where Diana gets drunk and Anne
>  says that she's "never tasted eye-ther" of currant wine or raspberry
>  cordial.

oh, I love that series!

>  And, on the subject of accents, I'm from Boston but no one thinks I am
>  from how I sound, and when I was in Wales for three days, I started
>  *thinking* in a Welsh accent.


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> I'm playing secretary, as Becca has a dreadful headache.

Migraine?  Hope you feel better soon!

>  A short story she wrote for a competition won a "highly commended" award.

Way to go, Becca!!

>  Today a group from her school travelled up to the North, to receive the
>  awards there.  Lunch and tea at the Duchess of Abercorn's estate?  "What
>  ripping fun!" I hear you all shout.

<lol>how did you know?

>  Not true at all, unfortunately - a
>  burger and crisps for lunch (Becca's a veggie, so ate the bun) and another
>  packet of crisps for tea.  That was all for a day which started at the
>  school gates at 6 am, and ended there at 8 pm.

What? What a swindle!

>  The high point of this rather trying day, however, occurred when she was
>  given her prize of two books - one being "The Lives of Christopher Chant"
>  (hard back, no less!).  She said the only thing which kept her going on the
>  four hour trip home, was the thought of telling you all about it.  She was
>  the only one who got a DWJ book, BTW.

Yes!  Virtue is rewarded.  The good guys win.  My faith in humankind is 
restored. :)
>  PS.  She said that the only other highlight was crossing a river in the
>  North which had, below the name sign, an official-looking sign marked
>  "Fairy Water"

No way!  So there *is* magic in our world after all....

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> It's the first year level "Intro to the Humanities".  Sort of a whirlwind
>  dash through all the subjects taught in Arts.


>  Doesn't do to dismiss HMC and the
>  others as children's books too lightly, does it?  :-)


>  >>  much to my children's amusement!),
>  >strange, isn't it, what an unending source of entertainment parents can 
>  ><sigh>
>  [Sighs with you]  At least _hopefully_ we won't end up being an unending
>  source of "nasty older women" characters for our children's books, like
>  DWJ's mother!

Eek.  I hope not.   <laughing> I just imagined Emma grown up and saying "and 
when your mother is a nasty older woman, how that is hateful!"

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