[Re: Muggles for Harry Potter]

Sarah Imholt Arahsae at netscape.net
Sat Jun 17 15:40:31 EDT 2000

"Tony Fox" <tonyfox at beeb.net> wrote:

>The problem with our current western education system is that we insist >on
teaching everything as facts - when an awful lot of things are >theories.

I remember being really upset in high school chemistry when we learned about
quantum theory and how atoms aren't set up as a nucleus with electrons
orbiting in nice little circles--this after years and years of making models
of atoms like planets with moons.  It wasn't that I was upset about my
misconceptions about the structure (I'm not a chem buff), but that we were
told these supposed "facts," and essentially lied to.  The whole concept of
theories was not discussed in grade school, which basically gives students the
idea that science is much more stable than it really is.


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