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> I'm probably letting myself in for it here, but I have to admit I
>  quite like "The Flea", wherein the guy is trying to convince his
>  girlfriend to sleep with him on the basis that, logically speaking,
>  they have already.
>  Not that I approve, but it's a very appealing bit of complete and
>  utter bosh. :) 

well you won't be catching it from me!  I love that poem and personally think 
that anyone who can argue like that deserves to succeed!  besides that 
mistress had her feet well and truly on the ground and wasn't buying it 
anyway.  I love how he suddenly changes tack too.  cheek!  I read it to Emma 
the other day and explained it (in somewhat muted terms) and she went around 
for days saying "Cruel and sudden! Hast thou since purpled thy nail in blood 
of innocence?" and going into fits of laughter.  She liked the eye eclipsing 
the sun with a wink too. (poem it comes from escapes me at the moment though.)

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> I had an entomologist colleague who received death threats from students for
>  teaching evolution at an earlier appointment in Texas. The administration's
>  reaction was to write a clause on her next contract that she should not
>  teach evolution.

yikes. death threats? and all the administration does is add a clause to her 
contract?  something wacky in perspective there.  but it sounds like she 
stayed on?  was she all right?

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