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> >  he said (paraphrase) that totalitarian regimes focus
>  > on controlling the individual's actions, but seemingly 'freer' societies
>  > focus on controlling the individual's *thoughts and opinions.*  Makes you
>  > think for a minute, eh?
>  That's an interesting thought.  Is that why George Orwell's "1984" is so
>  frightening - a very plausible society that controls both?

Well, I don't know because I *still* haven't read it yet unfortunately (tsk). 
 But going by "Animal Farm" (which may or may not be relevant. probably not 
;)  ) what frightened me the most was the sense of the individual pitted 
against, and helpless in the hands of, society.  While that may be a common 
experience in real life I need *stories* that are more hopeful, and stories 
that aren't do frighten me because without the hope that things can change 
why bother going on?  So, is that relevant?
>  >>  And to bring this back on topic: there's probably lots of things in dwj
>  >>  some people would have similar objections to...
>  >
>  > definitely.  try the idea that you are responsible for your own life, 
> a
>  > start.
>  Yes.  Especially in the US, but this is going out of fashion over here 

Do you mean *censorship* of this idea is fashionable in the US, while *the 
idea itself* is going out of fashion in England?

Or the idea was fashionable in both the US and England but isn't any longer?

Or the idea *is* fashionable in the US and *was* in England but isn't any 

Or *censorship* of the idea is fashionable in the US and used to be in 

<g>confused yet?   From the context it sounds like you mean Number 2?  But 
I'm not sure.

>  Philip (who wishes he had more time to comment about censorship in 

Yes, it's an interesting subject.  I for one was horrified when I realized 
that liberals censored too.  I was like, "what??? those fools!!  how dare 
they say such a thing!  liberals are fair-minded and rational etc etc."  It 
took me a long time to realize that censorship is censorship no matter who's 
doing it, and you can't protect one group's right to free speech without 
protecting it for everyone, or you don't have free speech.  I still have 
trouble with this, especially when I hear some of the more extreme right wing 
'shock jocks.'   But there you go. No one said it's easy.

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