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Fri Jun 16 17:24:43 EDT 2000

Max (quoting me):
>>  No time to get into the interesting discussions here just now (Open
>>  University study going over the summer -
>way cool! what are you studying?

It's the first year level "Intro to the Humanities".  Sort of a whirlwind
dash through all the subjects taught in Arts.  In my experience anyway, the
Open University is brilliant.  My years in the US taught me to be a little
wary of the term "correspondance courses" (if nothing else, can't help but
think of Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live) - so we'll call it "distance
learning", for those who don't know of the OU.

I can even bring this on-topic, believe it or not.  Some time ago, Melissa
made a wonderful (no surprise there!) comment about the meaning to her of
her study of English Lit.  Really struck me, and when we were discussing
Sophie, and her excusing everything on the grounds of her being the Eldest
of Three, it finally occurred to me that it might be a good idea to _do_
some University study in subjects that interested me, rather than just feel
inferior that I hadn't studied them.   Doesn't do to dismiss HMC and the
others as children's books too lightly, does it?  :-)

>>  much to my children's amusement!),
>strange, isn't it, what an unending source of entertainment parents can be.

[Sighs with you]  At least _hopefully_ we won't end up being an unending
source of "nasty older women" characters for our children's books, like
DWJ's mother!

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