Becca's news (topical)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Jun 16 17:24:41 EDT 2000

I'm playing secretary, as Becca has a dreadful headache.

A short story she wrote for a competition won a "highly commended" award.
Today a group from her school travelled up to the North, to receive the
awards there.  Lunch and tea at the Duchess of Abercorn's estate?  "What
ripping fun!" I hear you all shout.  Not true at all, unfortunately - a
burger and crisps for lunch (Becca's a veggie, so ate the bun) and another
packet of crisps for tea.  That was all for a day which started at the
school gates at 6 am, and ended there at 8 pm.

The high point of this rather trying day, however, occurred when she was
given her prize of two books - one being "The Lives of Christopher Chant"
(hard back, no less!).  She said the only thing which kept her going on the
four hour trip home, was the thought of telling you all about it.  She was
the only one who got a DWJ book, BTW.


PS.  She said that the only other highlight was crossing a river in the
North which had, below the name sign, an official-looking sign marked
"Fairy Water".  Made a change from all the cows, anyway.

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