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Tony Fox tonyfox at
Fri Jun 16 16:48:40 EDT 2000

> Now for my truly grievous news. In the course of the past couple of years
> I've seen reports of several surveys on American opinion of evolutionary
> theory, and they come up with 30-60 per cent of Americans disbelieve in
> evolution. (I think this one is very sensitive to how the question is
> stated.)
> I had an entomologist colleague who received death threats from students
> teaching evolution at an earlier appointment in Texas. The
> reaction was to write a clause on her next contract that she should not
> teach evolution.

Which only goes to prove that we all have to watch ourselves to make sure
that we don't rubbish other people's beliefs. Once upon a time every
educated person KNEW that the world was flat  - now we know it aint so.
What's to say that OUR dearly held beliefs won't turn out to be next
century's joke.

There was an interesting programme on TV the other day about marriage which
started with a couple just getting married who had decided to remain virgins
until they married. The tone of the programme was SHOCK, HORROR. That's a
complete and utter turn around of acceptable moral standards in less than 50
years .

On the evolution/creation front - laying my cards on the table - I
believeGod made the world - it doesn't matter to me which method He chose to
do it. I probably believe it was the slow method ie evolution but I have
good friends who completely disagree with me. We agree to differ.


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