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On Thu, 15 Jun 2000 Tanaquil2 at wrote:
> > I say or-EGG-an-o instead of or-eg-AHN-o and get funny looks
> >  from English Italian cooks
> and  'bayzil' instead of 'bazzil'?  How long have you been in England? All 
> your life?  And if so, did you happen to have an American accent as a 
> toddler?  My daughter had two accents when she first started to talk -- an 
> English one for me and an American one for her dad.  Too cute!  Now it's 
> completely American but she hasn't lost the knack for English accents (all 
> kinds too, not just mine)
I've never heard it pronounced "or-eg-AHN-o" (probably since I'm from
Boston), but I've always said it "bazzil," and been laughed at as a
result. So many people tried to tell me that only the name was pronounced
that way that I finally looked it up in the dictionary, and both ways are
correct, neener neener.

I started pronouncing "either" EYE-ther after watching the Megan Follows
"Anne of Green Gables," with the scene where Diana gets drunk and Anne
says that she's "never tasted eye-ther" of currant wine or raspberry

And, on the subject of accents, I'm from Boston but no one thinks I am
from how I sound, and when I was in Wales for three days, I started
*thinking* in a Welsh accent.

--Kyla, re-delurking to babble :^)

"Weariness of the legs after some active deed is better
than apathy and weariness of the spirit; weariness of 
spirit lasts forever, weariness of the legs lasts only
for an hour."
        --15h-century Scots-Gaelic epigram

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