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liril at gmx.net liril at gmx.net
Fri Jun 16 04:31:16 EDT 2000

Thanks for all that answers!

Talking about "food fixation", I *naturally* assumed the Brownies in the
Brownie Ponits hat something to do with  brownie cakes...

suddenly thinking about fudge, treacle, cookies, brownies, Schwarzwälder
Kischtorte (Black Forest Gateau - thats what Nirupam turns Charles shoes
into in Witch Week - did I mention I live in the Freiburg, which is in
the Schwarzwald? It's a rich chocolate cake with cream, cherries and
alcohol (Kirschwasser). When homemade it's very nice (although the
"small-piece-rule" applies, too). When you buy it it often is made with
too much cream and not enough cherries... But in Freiburg there some
palces where you can rather good ones. When made out of running shoes,
it lies in your tummy like spikes ;-)

off to the nearest bakery...

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