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Significant references from Charmed Life:

During Janet's first dinner at the Castle: "It was very uncommon for
people not to have at least one exact double in a world of the same series
- usually people had a whole string of doubles all along the
set."  Mr. Saunders then goes on to talk about doubles in other series,
which seems to me to be even more confusing and unlikely than those in the
same series.

Why do some people have nine lives: "They only happen when, for one
reason or another, there are no counterparts of them living in any other
world.  Then the lives that would have been spread out over a whole set of
worlds get concentrated in one person.  And so do all the talents that
those other eight people might have had."

In other words, the implications in both of these passages are definitely
that most people, except nine-lived enchanters, have analogues.  Actually,
this brings up another question - does this mean that there could be no
nine-lived people in our world?  If so, why not?  If it's just because of
the lack of magic here, could there be nine-lived people in other worlds
in Series 12 where there is magic?


The bizarre dialogue only adds to the effect - when little sprout children
spout lines like, "We have no souls, you know," and, "The cow isn't
anywhere.  He's in my mind," forming a cohesive narrative is a
herculean task indeed.

		---GameSpot's Legend of Mana Review, Andrew Vestal

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, Paul Andinach wrote:

> Thought: Does anyone actually say in any of the stories that
> *everyone* has an analogue? Do they say how they know? 
> Paul
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