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> Another sort of treacle pudding 
>  my mum used to make was a steamed sponge job with sultanas 
>  inside and treacle on top.

spotted dick? we used to have this at school. (a really peculiar name now I 
look at it)

>  I wrote a nice little delurking mail but my computer hid it, most 
>  dispiriting. 

feh! computers!

>  Easier to list the Dwj I like least than the 
>  favorites (all the rest ) I really don't get on with Hexwood or tale of 
>  Time City.

have you tried them more than once? just curious. the first time I read 
Spellcoats I couldn't get into it at all, but the second time (when the 4th 
one came out--what's it called? Oh, Crown of Dalemark) i thought I'd better 
read it first, and I completely loved it. maybe they'll grow on you. or sneak 
up on you. (at least i hope so; i'm extremely partial to Hexwood!)  :)  

>  By the way I'm female ( is there a more gracefull way to express 
>  this when you have a gender non specific name like mine?)

<g> Is it short for something like Vendela? or already complete?

>  these days I think I'm a kind of 
>  mendicant scholar.

<g> right up there with lucrative english degrees.

>  Don't get me started on my theories of the evolution of 
>  the state (at least not on this list).

tsk tsk. you can't throw out challenges like that and expect to get away with 
it you know!  what *are* your theories of the evolution of the state?

>  Another recent topic thast interested me is the parallel people in 
>  parallel worlds thread. I've always had a difficulty with the idea of 
>  exact analogues of people existing in worlds which have 
>  significantly split from each other....
>  but I still don't believe a genetic twin of myself would have been 
>  born in that world. The divergence in my parents lives would have 
>  led to them having different children, conceived at different dates, 
>  merely brothers and sisters of mine. On the most basic level it is 
>  very unlikely that sets of parents in divergent worlds would uh, bring 
>  together, the analogous sperm and ovum at the same time to 
>  produce identical children. Hmm maybe however thats whats so 
>  special about Chrestomanic's family.

it's interesting to think about what this seems to suggest about fatedness. 
that somehow you're fated to be in a particular family regardless of life 
circumstances.  i don't know that that's what dwj is implying, only that it 
has echoes of that free will vs fate, and nature vs nurture question, and 
adds an interesting dimension to the stories.

>  Yours, thoroughly enjoying all the interesting mails

hi and wlecome!

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