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Jennifer wrote

> Treacle tart is a piebase with breadcrumbs soaked in syrup in it- a small
> piece is very nice. Doesn't someone eat a golden syrup sandwich somewhere?
> It sounnds a bit Archer's Goon-ish. I can't imagine why anyone would eat
> curry with treacle, (instead of chutney maybe?) unless it's just that
> treacle is quite an "English" thing.

I think they had their treacle pudding after their curry, a lot of indian 
desserts are very sweet so it sounds quite a likely choice.  As well 
as breadcrumbs the treacle can be topped with crushed cornflakes 
or, my favourite, dessicated  coconut. Some supermarkets drench 
it in nasty artificial lemomn flavour. Another sort of treacle pudding 
my mum used to make was a steamed sponge job with sultanas 
inside and treacle on top.

I wrote a nice little delurking mail but my computer hid it, most 
dispiriting. here' a short version.

I'm old enough that the first dwj I read was an original library copy 
of eight days of Luke, I'm lucky enough to own nearly all of the 
books. I like nearly every author I've seen recomended by members 
of the group. My current top five are Dwj, Terry Pratchett, Steven 
Brust, Samuel R Delany, Kim Stanley Robinson, Lois McMasters 
Bujold (which is six but who cares?) Delany and Dwj have been on 
that list the longest. Easier to list the Dwj I like least than the 
favorites (all the rest ) I really don't get on with Hexwood or tale of 
Time City. 

By the way I'm female ( is there a more gracefull way to express 
this when you have a gender non specific name like mine?) I used 
to be a field archaeologist, these days I think I'm a kind of 
mendicant scholar. I love swopping info on cultural and language 
differences. Don't get me started on my theories of the evolution of 
the state (at least not on this list).

Another recent topic thast interested me is the parallel people in 
parallel worlds thread. I've always had a difficulty with the idea of 
exact analogues of people existing in worlds which have 
significantly split from each other. Looking at it on a personal level; 
in the world where the Belgians won the second world war my 
parents may never have met, so I would have no analogue there.
Or supposing a change that is much less significant for the rest of 
the world, in 1947 my Dad could have chosen a career as an 
Airline pilot in South Africa rather than becomuing a teacher in 
Hampshire. I'ts interesting to imagine my South African alter self 
but I still don't believe a genetic twin of myself would have been 
born in that world. The divergence in my parents lives would have 
led to them having different children, conceived at different dates, 
merely brothers and sisters of mine. On the most basic level it is 
very unlikely that sets of parents in divergent worlds would uh, bring 
together, the analogous sperm and ovum at the same time to 
produce identical children. Hmm maybe however thats whats so 
special about Chrestomanic's family.
Incidentally I think its having your analogues die at birth that makes 
a nine life enchanter.

Yours, thoroughly enjoying all the interesting mails

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