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Hi Jennifer!

"Well, I'm 24, think of myself as a scientist but have just gotten my first
professional job as a librarian at Imperial College, London, and (of
course)love reading, science, history, classical (ie old stuff), crime and
fantasy especially."

I just read, and re-read and re-read, this fascinating book about priests of
Apollo from Greece's golden age through the end of antiquity.  It was called
In the Dark Places of Wisdom by Peter Kingsley - I recommend it!

"Sei Shonagon."

Oooh, a Sei Shonagon person!  My boyfriend and I have a running joke about
"hateful things."  

When it is late at night and you are in bed and you realize there is no milk
for the morning - that is very hateful.

When you are taking a test and the person behind you is chewing and cracking
their gum like a cow.  Oh how hateful!

She shows up as a character in The Pillow Boy of Lady Onogoro, which was a
saucy read indeed, but also sweet. Have  you read that?  Also I *think* she
pops up once or twice in the pillow book of Lady Murasaki, but I might be
wrong about that.

"Dislikes- too long to go into. Mainly those with cardboard characters, like
Piers Anthony (he only has one woman, she just gets different names...."

Yes, and like McDonald's french fries, she comes with physical attributes in
sizes Large, Extra-Large, Biggie and Super Biggie.

"I make what I suppose is really a sort of butter
icing and have it on wholemeal bread- creamed together roughly equal
quantities of cocoa (NOT drinking chocolate) and icing sugar, a little bit
of hot water, and enough marge to make it spread. Much nicer than it

I will take that on faith, because the scientific method rather demands that
I try it for myself  ;)

Welcome Jennifer!

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