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"Interesting how the girls get to be little helpers around the house and the
boys associate themselves with tiger, bear, and wolf packs.  My brother got
to do all the fun stuff while my sister and I spent our time singing and
sewing. (No, I'm not bitter!)"

You're right - one never saw the girls with Swiss Army knives, talking about
methods of starting a fire with flint or sticks. *But* there is always
Outward Bound to catch you up on what you missed out on!

We were in, this is very un-p.c. and rife with the guilt of Those Who Come
After - Indian Princesses. We were the Crow tribe and we went to the library
and read all sorts of things about them.  My dad made a coup stick (it was a
big wooden spear with a stand to put it in) and we hung feathers from it by
thongs.  The dad who was chief got to wear a big headdress and every girl
added a feather to her headband each year.  

Boy, this makes me remember how much I wanted to be able to walk through the
woods without making a sound and be able to stand perfectly still so as not
to alarm the wildlife. Not to mention make my own buckskin boots. Also to
ride bareback and shoot a bow and arrow - but I never did learn that
(there's always Outward Bound, right?)


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