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Bettina asked:
PS: Brownie points? Sounds cute somehow. But what does it mean? (My native
language is German)

I'll make an attempt at this - ahem.  "Brownie points" is a slang way of
saying "extra credit."  It depends on context, but it generally means an
action that is above and beyond the call of the situation, in a good way.
Doing something extra, more than what is required or asked.

You would "win brownie points in heaven" for volunteering or doing something
noble and not asking for or expecting recognition.

You would "give brownie points" if your sweetie did something especially
nice for no particular reason.

There is another side to it, thanks to human nature, where it is used with a
negative connotation meaning that someone is doing something extra
specifically to *seem* noble or praiseworthy and thus get recognition.
Usually I heard it used this way in school where sometimes one student or
another was perceived to be going way overboard to please the teacher and be
the envy of his/her peers.  It can have those "sucking up" implications.

A classmate would look at this person's latest extra credit project and say,
"Hoping to win some more brownie points?"

We've talked food - perhaps weird slang from around the world should be

P.S. Palak paneer - deeelicious.  Anyone else a huge indian food fan?  Is
there ever a curry in a Jones book?

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