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Wed Jun 14 08:25:51 EDT 2000

Hi everybody

> I've always thought of it more as people discovering that they had more to
> them than they thought that they did.

I agree with you,

> What I like about DWJ is that they don't only find out
> that they're special (and that they're never special because they're lost
> princes or something like that) they also find out that they're flawed.

and on that even more!

> Cat realizes that he's let Gwendolen use him, Howard realizes that he could be
> quite horrible and arrogant and use people, Vivian in Tale of Time City
> realizes that she's been playing games with people.  It's the combination of
> the special and the flawed that I identify with.

And just to go on, C. Chant realizes that he has been arrogant and letting out
his desparation and bad mood on others (like his poor teacher in Chrstomanci
Castle who at one point explodes and tells him so)...

> Lizzie, who read the new tamora pierce book in one hour while at borders
> yesteday and is quite disappointed. . . .

That would be Page? What a pity, I thought about giving the "Protector of the
Small" series a try... After finding the Windig Circle or whatever it was called
too, I don't know, "flat"? I found it was too much aimed to a younger audience
to be really interesting.


PS: Brownie points? Sounds cute somehow. But what does it mean? (My native
language is German)

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