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> On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Rowland, Jennifer wrote:

>> I don't read that much YA stuff other than dwj any more, it's over
>> too quickly. One I like is called Dragonsbane, the author is on the
>> tip of my tongue- Jane Yolen? Patricia Wrede? about a princess who
>> goes to find a dragon to live with and cook for and ends up helping
>> her become King of the Dragons, over dastardly opposition.
> That's _Dealing With Dragons_, by Patricia Wrede.
> (Has it really been published under the title _Dragonsbane_?
> <goes to check> Yes, it has. Oh dear.)

Have to agree, oh dear. That title seems to get a lot of usage... My
immediate thought on seeing the title was the book of that title by Barbara
Hambly, which btw is highly recommended. Then I went on to read the
description and discovered one of my absolute favourite YA books (apart from
DWJ, of course) whose original title I think is just fine as it is.

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