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Tue Jun 13 17:29:13 EDT 2000

No time to get into the interesting discussions here just now (Open
University study going over the summer - much to my children's amusement!),
but only to answer one point.  Hi, Jennifer, BTW.

Jennifer wrote:

>> I don't read that much YA stuff other than dwj any more, it's over too
>> quickly. One I like is called Dragonsbane, the author is on the tip of my
>> tongue- Jane Yolen? Patricia Wrede? about a princess who goes to find a
>> dragon to live with and cook for and ends up helping her become King of
>> Dragons, over dastardly opposition. And Harry Potter. And M. M. Kaye.

And Lizzie answered:

>Dragonsbane is by Vivian Vande Velde, who's also written some really
>interesting other stuff <snipped>  Patricia Wrede wrote the Enchanted
>Forest Chronicles, about Cimorene the princess who finds herself a dragon;

Becca (my daughter, who's also on the list) says that the VVV book is
Dragon's Bait.  The Patricia Wrede book is the one Jennifer described, and
is called Dragonsbane in the UK, and Dealing with Dragons in the States
(and also in Australia, if Paul had met it as Dealing with Dragons?).

FWIW, Becca and I both think Dealing with Dragons is a much better title -
I hadn't even known it was published under a different title over here.
Why, I wonder?

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