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> What I wanted to ask was if anyone else has noticed what seems to me to be
> a recurring theme through Diana's books, characters who are in disguise in
> some way, either through mistaken identity, deliberately posing as someone
> else, or having been turned into someone else/forgetting who they were,
> in any case are showing a different face.

I've always thought of it more as people discovering that they had more to
them than they thought that they did.  Cat from CL is a perfect example; he
doesn't really think of himself as anything, but finds out that he's more,
that he's special.  The same thing happens to Tonino in MoC, to Christopher
in LoCC (though I think that his discovery has as much to do with the
organizing bit as the magic), to Vierran in Hexwood, to Howard in Archer's
Goon, and so on.  What I like about DWJ is that they don't only find out
that they're special (and that they're never special because they're lost
princes or something like that) they also find out that they're flawed.  Cat
realizes that he's let Gwendolen use him, Howard realizes that he could be
quite horrible and arrogant and use people, Vivian in Tale of Time City
realizes that she's been playing games with people.  It's the combination of
the special and the flawed that I identify with.

> evolutionists. John Donne- it was strange when I read HMC after his poems
> find "Go and catch a falling star" as the spell!

That poem got me started on Donne, who is one of my absolute favorite poets,
and also one of the best I've ever read.  Also, knowing that poem has gotten
me some serious brownie points over the years.

> I don't read that much YA stuff other than dwj any more, it's over too
> quickly. One I like is called Dragonsbane, the author is on the tip of my
> tongue- Jane Yolen? Patricia Wrede? about a princess who goes to find a
> dragon to live with and cook for and ends up helping her become King of
> Dragons, over dastardly opposition. And Harry Potter. And M. M. Kaye.

Dragonsbane is by Vivian Vande Velde, who's also written some really
interesting other stuff: one of my favorites of hers is called something
like Companions of the Night; it's a vampire book and I'm not a vampire fan.
Jane Yolen wrote the Pit Dragon books.  Patricia Wrede wrote the Enchanted
Forest Chronicles, about Cimorene the princess who finds herself a dragon; I
also like a couple of her short stories, like the one about all the curses
(it was in some anthology with a DWJ story once) and the one about the
frying pan of doom.  I've read M.M. Kaye's the ordinary princess about six
hundred times; has she written anything else?

Lizzie, who read the new tamora pierce book in one hour while at borders
yesteday and is quite disappointed. . . .

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